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Zante island

Zakynthos island

Zakynthos the flower of the east is one of the most beautiful of the ionian islands, it is situated at the southern part of the ionians and it is the third largest in population, south of† cephalonia and west of† peloponese, its great geographical† position† gives visitors† the opportunity to visit the other islands and the main land easily.

Although today this geographical position† is a blessing,† in the past the island had suffered many conflicts as it was easy to be† conquered by nations who wanted to rule† this beautiful part of greece, the flower of the east as the venetians used to call it.

Zakynthos is mostly covered by mountains and hills† which are covered by pine† and cypress trees, and valleys full of olive trees and vineyards , it is surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches , rocky sea shores and† spectacular† sea caves.† Here on the island visitors will find the most well known beaches in greece , beaches such as the ship wreck, laganas , gerakas† blue caves† and many more. While visitors are going through the countryside† of†† zakynthos they† will be impressed by the variety of natural beauties† the historical monuments and the hospitable people.

The island is one of the last nesting areas for the sea turtle caretta - caretta and the mediterranean† seal monachus -monachus,† for this reason and for the protection of these animals the national marine park was found.

Zakynthos island Zakynthos island Zakynthos island Zakynthos island

Zakynthos is an island with exceptional culture , it has known great cultural times†† and many great poets and writers have come from here., this is the native land† of Solomos the national poet who wrote the national anthem,† Hugo Foskolo and Kalvos are also well known poets come from here. Grigori Xenopoulos is also zakynthian† a† great writer of the newer cultural history.

This is the island of the candatha (love songs) and of opera here all feelings are dressed with music so how can visitors not† fall in love with zakynthos, it has everything history, sightseeing , beautiful hills, verdant valleys, endless beaches and the most spectacular blue/turquoise colour of the sea.† All these things meet the summer dream of† travellers.

Visit Zakynthos and discover a paradise on earth.††